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“Charming Houses for Collecting and Giving”

This series of Advent calendars originated 35 years ago, when the idea of creating Advent calendars using photos of actual buildings was completely new. A tudor style structure dating back to the middle ages, with 23 actual windows and the number 24 on the front door, gave birth to the idea of using architecture as a focal point of the calendars. As a married couple with careers in architecture, we have a special affinity for buildings with uniquely interesting facades.

Our first calendar met with great approval, and we thus decided to forge ahead, printing new calendars in small editions.

Since our successful showing at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1985, we have expanded the series yearly with Advent calendars showing interesting facades of well known, interesting, historic buildings as well as religious landmarks from various European countries.

Even the colourful, contemporary styled buildings of the artist/architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who died in the year 2000, fit into our Advent calendar concept. Production of calendars featuring a number of his buildings evolved through talks with Hundertwasser and his management.

The contents of the windows of our Advent calendars are balanced thematically with the style of the buildings: photos of beautiful collections, handmade articles, wood and tin figures, stained glass windows, Nativity figures or paintings of angels. The calendars are printed on sturdy cardboard, and the outline of the buildings is perforated, allowing the calendars to be punched out and hung or displayed on a shelf or table.

The window images are printed on transparent glossy paper, allowing backlit window content to be effectively presented. Gold or silver background or framing is used for some of our more elaborate calendars.

As unique interpretations of the Advent calendar concept, Kreuter Photo Calendars are a beautiful, original and exclusive gift for art loving people who want to continue the childhood tradition of opening little doors and preparing for themselves and others a special Advent joy!


Charming Houses for Collecting and Giving as Gifts for Young and Old Alike

In the 19th century, beginning with St. Nicholas Day on December 6, counting the days until Christmas was celebrated in different ways and traditions in family circles and in school.

In 1903 Munich publisher Gerhard Lang printed the first known Advent calendar as a cutout picture sheet. There followed other Advent calendars, in a wide artistic variety, in other publishing houses, gaining in popularity after the year 1920. Design and themes were, for the time being, based only on church customs and the Nativity itself. Later came the various themes and pictures aimed at children.

Our Advent calendar series, with its photographic focus on beautiful old buildings in various parts of Europe and its original window images, is destined to bring joy to the child in all of us!


Christa & Dirk Kreuter